Love the Stranger, for you were Strangers in Egypt

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The most repeated commandment in the Torah is to Love the Stranger, for You were Strangers in Egypt.  This commandment is repeated 36 times in the Hebrew Bible.

But who is the stranger?  According to my teacher Moshe Halbertal, professor of philosophy at the Hebrew University, the stranger is the occupant of the lowest rung of the community: a non-Israelite, poor, no kin, defenseless and often exploited for labor.  Such words can easily describe the plight of the “illegal” immigrants to our shores (or in our time, even “legal” immigrants who are looked upon with disdain).

Attorney General Jeff Sessions quoted his Scripture (from the New Testament) to justify tearing children away from the mothers-provided that those children are poor, brown, without protection, and defenseless.

To quote a recent Trump advisor, “there is a special place in Hell” for a man who uses the Holy Bible to justify tormenting children.


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