The Unmaking of Governor Christie


In the movie “Goodfellas” Tommy, the uncontrollable hood that did hits for the mob, is unceremoniously “wacked” when his behavior gets out of hand.  Tommy, we are told, was a “good earner”-and so his behavior was tolerated.  He screwed up once too many, and the “dons” could no longer bear him.  They lure Tommy to his doom by promising to “make” him-and then he is killed.  Once his usefulness ended, so did he.

Our Governor, who has literally ruined our state, has now been unceremoniously  dumped from the Trump inner circle.  Governor Christie succeeded for so long by playing by the unique rules of Jersey corruption-don’t get greedy, and make money for the other guy too. He was also protected by a thoroughly corrupt legislature and a largely ineffective, weak press.

What Christie didn’t realize is that while he was “a good earner” for the bosses, he simply screwed up once too often, and eventually the “Don” would not tolerate his behavior.  Bridge gate, coupled with his insatiable narcissism, was his undoing.  It gives me no pleasure to write this about our Governor. He has decimated our state, and it will take years to rebuild our infrastructure that has degraded and our treasury which he looted for his own ends.


2 thoughts on “The Unmaking of Governor Christie

  1. Whoa! Here! Here! Too bad he’s not going to Washington and we will be stuck with him for one more year. Unless he gets impeached. Were he to go to Washington … well, one more con artist won’t be noticed.

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