Lysistrata and the AR-15

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Lysistrata was a play written by Aristophanes and performed sometime around 400 bce in Athens, Greece. The play concerns the bloody Pelopennesian war and the unsuccessful efforts to halt the violence.

Finally, the women decide to withhold sex from the men until they agree to halt the bloodshed.  If I recall correctly, the men become so sexually deprived that they agree to make peace and the play ends with a big celebration.

As I write this, House Democrats are holding a sit-in at the Capitol to demand common sense gun reform.  But frankly, if Sandy Hook, San Bernadino, Virginia Tech and Orlando  could do nothing to halt the absurd situation of a country awash in military hardware in the hands of those unqualified and ill-suited to own them,  then I am afraid that this effort will similarly fail.

So a modest proposal.  Taking a cue from Lysistrata, women who are genuinely concerned for the future of their children make the same demand on the men of America-pass gun legislation or face a cold bed.  I would imagine that after a week or two of forced abstinence, enraged husbands and boyfriends would be marching on their legislators and demanding action.  Fear of the NRA pales in comparison.

Nothing else has worked.  Its worth a try.



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