I am one of the Rabbis boycotting Trump

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I am proud to be a delegate to the 2016 AIPAC convention in Washington next week.  While I don’t always agree with the positions and decisions of AIPAC, I stand strongly with Israel and believe that AIPAC works tirelessly on Israel’s behalf, and for that reason deserves my support and participation.  AIPAC has made it abundantly clear that they more than welcome even those of us who differ on issues of AIPAC policy.  Further, AIPAC has some of the nicest people working for them I have ever met.

I will be at AIPAC, but I will not be at Trump’s speech to the group on Monday.  I haven’t decided to simply not go, or go and leave as he begins to speak, but I will not sit silently by as he addresses the group.

To paraphrase my beloved late grandmother, Trump is “not good for the Jews”.  He is a pathological narcissist who uses hate and violent rhetoric to feed his constantly needy ego.

He has disrespected women, Muslims, latinos, immigrants, journalists, in fact anyone who has challenged him.  He has encouraged violence and employs a private squad of paid enforcers who have beaten and struck protesters.

Yes, I’ve heard about his newly Jewish daughter and her supposed Orthodox lifestyle.  if you live in my part of New Jersey you are more than aware of the prominent family into which she has married.  My grandmother would also say, “Don’t gossip about other families”.  I’m taking your advice, bubbe.

I know that people I love and care about support Trump.  To them I would say, its been my experience that narcissists care only about themselves.  Nothing in Trump’s narcissism has made me think he is any different.  Nothing in Trump’s speeches or actions have shown that he cares a whit about anyone other than himself.

I will proudly be at AIPAC.  I will not be in the room when Trump speaks.





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