Time for the Fourth Estate to Step Up

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The Iraq War did not do it.  Katrina did not do it.  The slaughter of children in Newtown did not do it.  The collapse of our economy did not do it. Now, citizens who have the misfortune to reside in Flint, Michigan are sick and in some cases may die because of corruption, incompetence, and venality.  Still, our country does not appear to care.

I am convinced that one of the only things that can save us is that journalists, wage earners threatened by the same pressures that most of us face- a fumbling economy, job scarcity, fear of unemployment, fearful and timid supervisors, and stagnant wages, put aside those fears and simply take on the what is now sacred task of telling the story of 21st century America in all its unpleasant dimensions.

So watch “Spotlight”again.  Forget about becoming the next Chuck Todd, David Gregory,  or David Brooks. They are nothing but paid entertainers.  Embrace a sacred calling.  Remember that arguably what made America a democracy was a journalist named John Peter Zenger challenging the authorities of his day.  Journalists-this is your hour.


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