“Ginning Up”-followed by gin and tonics

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Yet another story in the New York Times today that is attempting to frame this latest eruption of murderous behavior by Palestinians as solely the result of oppression and rage.  As if stabbing children and the elderly, and hacking a man to death were both normal reactions; and as if there was not a tragic 70 year history of Palestinian and Arab nihilism.

Rather than dismiss the Times as hopelessly anti-Israel, I wonder if there is not another phenomenon at play.  Those of us who have lived in Israel and spent time there know that Israel has more foreign journalists reporting from there than literally any other country.  We also know that life in Israel can be exceptionally  pleasant.  Tel Aviv and Jerusalem are cosmopolitan, cultured cities with arts, fine dining, exciting nightlife and beautiful neighborhoods.  It has the vibe of living in New York or LA, with even better weather.  A journalist or “foreign correspondent” can live exceptionally well and yet be a fifteen minute drive from an area of conflict.  All the “correspondent” has to do is don one of those cool looking flak jackets, hire a driver and off they go to do “drive by interviews” with the usual suspects-a shopkeeper, a cabdriver, Professor Sari Nuseibeh.  Presto!  A front page Times article.  What they didn’t tell you is that they spent the day at the beach or in the café, and following their brief drive through Sur Bachur or Bethlehem or Issawiya, they will be back on their veranda sipping gin and tonics.  How else to justify elegant living and a big expense account than to write these articles?

Someone once said that a cynic is simply an idealist that has been disappointed.  When it comes to the bloody and death embracing  Palestinian liberation movement, and those that are attempting to justify it, that is certainly now me.


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