NYT: The only acceptable place for Jewish settlement is the Upper West Side

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First there was the article last week claiming that there is historical doubt as to whether the Temples once stood on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.  (The Times issued a correction claiming that the article was really about where the Temples once stood, but I actually read the article and there is no question that they were raising the question as to the reality of a Jewish Temple).  Today, the article on page four is about the excessive use of force utilized by Israeli police in stopping a wave of murderous knife attacks by Palestinians taking place throughout the country.   One paragraph actually asserted that because a police officer was wearing a protective vest when he was stabbed he should have known that he was perfectly safe from injury and had no need to use deadly force.  (Reminding me of the articles claiming that since Israel had the “Iron Dome” it should not respond when Hamas rained rockets on their elementary schools and such).

I have said before that the New York Times believes that the only acceptable place for Jewish settlement is the Upper West side, but this is getting absurd.  Short of every Jew (at least the light skinned, more acceptable ones ) packing up and moving to 72nd  and Broadway, what does the Times wish us to do?

I have supported every peace initiative since the 80’s (including the latest “Iran Deal”) and taken my share of hits for it-but come on guys, your hatred of Jewish self-determination, your loathing of the Jewish state, is glaringly, and embarrassingly, obvious.

By the way, NYT this is Rabbi Krishevsky-he was run over by a terrorist and murdered yesterday in Jerusalem. He would have been much better off on Central Park West, I’m sure.


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