Ann Coulter is the inevitable next step in Trumpism


There is no way to tell this story without being crude, because the person about whom the story is told is a crude and classless person herself, of exceedingly low character.     By now you may know that Ann Coulter tweeted during the GOP debate her disgust for the constant references to Israel by asking “How many F****g Jews are in this country, anyway”?

I have my own issues with the GOP’s appropriation of Israel as a partisan issue, I think it is a disastrous development for which we bear some responsibility; but this is clear anti-Semitism and bigotry from a respected voice in the conservative community.

I remind readers of this blog what I said just a few weeks ago:  have we forgotten Martin Neimoller’s dictum-“First they came from the Jews?”- when Trump made racism and open bigotry permissible again, and a compliant media celebrated his fame, we did little.  That we are now a target of a prominent cultural commentator (who is a Trump supporter)  is not a surprise.


2 thoughts on “Ann Coulter is the inevitable next step in Trumpism

  1. Of course the Republican candidates were pandering to the Jews and to Israel. Why not, when Sheldon Adelson looms so large behind the financing of Republican candidates. Maybe now it will give him some room to rethink his support. But Mr Trump missed a seminal moment by not replying to Ms. Coulter that although a small percentage of the population the contributions of this small minority of Jews have contributed to this country advances far and above their small numbers. In health, jurisprudence, finance, music art and others. In addition, Mr. Trump could have said how proud he was of his Jewish daughter. Unfortunately, Ms. Coulter represents what many people have been saying for many years, only without her ability to gain national notoriety.

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