It is Happening Here


My mother, God bless her, has a number of favorite expressions.  One of them is “It can happen here”-referring to another Holocaust.  When things seem too good for the Jews, she will ominously say, “Don’t get too comfortable, it can happen here”.

I may be the only one, but it seems to me that in this “summer of Trump” there are signs that “it is happening here”.  The New York Times today carried a photograph of Univision anchor Jorge Ramos confronting Trump on his anti-Latino racism, while two shaven headed thugs stand ominously in the background, seemingly waiting for the signal from Boss Trump to crack some heads.   (I have nothing against shaven headed thugs, I’ve been accused of looking like one, but these guys were obviously Trump muscle).  What was astonishing to me was that the assorted “journalists” in the room (what we laughingly call the blow-dried- hair on- air personalities) remained absolutely silent.   To be fair, a “journalist” from MSNBC timidly spoke up after Ramos was thrown out, so I guess good for her.  C’mon guys, you all went to elementary school, I’m sure you’ve at the very least seen a poster of the famous “First they came for the Jews….right?  I’m sure you don’t know who said it (it was Martin Neimoller) but at least you saw it on a coffee mug or something? Maybe you had to read it off a cue card covering a local Yom HaShoa event?

Elie Wiesel has said that the opposite of love is not hate, it is indifference.  The other day, as an Hispanic reporter was harassed out of the room for daring to question a powerful man, I saw indifference.


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