Mike Huckabee, all I ask is that you keep your grifting hands off our suffering

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Rabbi Eliezer Berkovitz was a gentle and renowned Talmudic scholar and Orthodox Rabbi, whose most famous book was entitled “Faith After the Holocaust”.  Rabbi Berkovitz was also known as an expert in Jewish law who sought to expand the rights of women in traditional Judaism.

However, when it came to the Holocaust, Berkovitz believed that it was as much a failure of Christianity as it was of German culture and society.  As a result, he did not consider it worthwhile to engage in dialogue with Christian scholars in a post-Holocaust world.  He famously asked only one thing of non-Jews in the wake of the Holocaust- “Simply keep your hands off our children”.

I thought of Rabbi Berkovitz’s words when I read that Mike Huckabee, presidential candidate, proclaimed that the Iran deal would “march Israel to the doors of the ovens”.  Huckabee, who has been a salesman for a diabetes “cure” based on bible verses, considers himself an evangelical Christian and stalwart defender of Israel.  All I can say to Huckabee is the following-Enrich yourself at the expense of your gullible followers, but keep your grifting hands off our suffering.


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