Einstein of the Ring

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Ok.  The Boxing Rabbi made his comments about the obscene display of idolatry and wealth-worship at the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight.  Now to the actual fight.

The reason many viewers found it boring is that Mayweather is a consummate counter-puncher.   The counter-puncher is by definition not aggressive, he waits for his opponent to make a move and then “counters” with a move designed to exploit the opening that appears.  (Every punch leaves the puncher exposed, it is a basic principle of boxing).  The counter-puncher is usually faster and smarter than his typical opponent; he is able to “read” the punches and react before the other guy knows what is happening.  Because the counter-puncher reacts, rather than initiates, the fight is usually more slow-paced.

But there is more.  Mayweather is not just a counter-puncher.  He is a genius.  He has been gifted by God with a genius that boxing has not seen since Muhammad Ali.   He is not only faster and bigger than many of his opponents, he is way, way, way, way smarter.   He is smarter than me.  He is likely smarter than you.   His ability to assess and react with lightening speed is uncanny.  Imagine playing chess but your opponent is throwing chess- pieces at you while making a move-Mayweather is able to catch the flying chess-piece and make a brilliant counter move at the same time.

I’m not sure Floyd Mayweather is a good man.  Many boxers actually are, but Mayweather beats women, and that, in my mind, makes him a violent criminal rather than an elite athlete.  The fact that he is excused for his behavior (which got him jailed) while other athletes are hounded out of their sports is one of the puzzles of our media-soaked age.  His situation is not atypical-there are dozens and dozens of really bad men (and women) who walk free and are even admired for their savvy and business acumen, despite having stolen millions, if not billions.  Mayweather is one of many in our society who pay too little a price for the injury they cause others.  He is not a particularly good man, but when it comes to boxing, he is the only genius.


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