In memory of Rabbi Harold Schulweis, read one of his books

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One of the finest rabbis in America died just days ago, Rabbi Harold Schulweis. Long serving senior rabbi of Valley Beth Shalom in Encino, CA, Rabbi Schulweis combined an uncanny pulpit ability with genuine scholarship and intellectual pursuits.
Few rabbis have the ability to both lead a congregation and make a real contribution to the scholarly life of American Jewry-Harold Schulweis was one of these precious few. His books are not easy to read-may I suggest his short little work called Conscience-the Duty to Obey and the Duty to Disobey.     Our rabbis taught that when the we read the words of our teachers, it is as if they continue to live amongst us.  May the memory of Rabbi Harold Schulweis be for a blessing.


One thought on “In memory of Rabbi Harold Schulweis, read one of his books

  1. I read recently a rather profound statement attributed to Rabbi Schulweis’s: When asked about the hereafter he said that we achieve immortality through influence. What we teach our young, the charities and organizations we support, when they grow and prosper so do we achieve immortality. So too do our ancestors achieve immortality when we remember them on their Yabhrzeit..

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