Finally, I’m in the Top Fifty!


For several years, various Jewish publications have issued “top fifty” lists of the “Best Rabbis” in America. Needless to say, The Boxing Rabbi has never made such a list, until..wait for it.. today. Today, the Boxing Rabbi received an email from “Trip Advisor” saying that I am in the “Top Fifty” contributors to “Trip Advisor” in Westfield, NJ. Yay!! Top Fifty something! (I’m 39th in Westfield if you need to know). It’s not that I have gone to many places, I keep reviewing the same joints over and over again.
The fact, is while some of those “Top Fifty” rabbis are great colleagues, the rabbis I tend to really admire never seem to make the list. Many of them are in communities too small to notice, or they tend to not know how to publicize themselves, or they don’t often get into the paper, or they don’t have famous congregants who push their names into the spotlight. Rather, day in and day out they work to make the lives of everyone around them a better, and work to teach Torah and Judaism in an impassioned and compelling manner. I spent the first ten years of my career in a small community, so I know how profoundly one can make a difference in such a place. So many times I will run into someone who will say, “Do you know my rabbi, she changed my life”. No one outside of their community, or the community of rabbis knows her name, but her congregant’s life will never be the same. If I could be on a list, it would be the list of great Boxing Rabbis in the Middleweight Category, but that probably won’t happen, either.


5 thoughts on “Finally, I’m in the Top Fifty!

  1. What dies Mary Samburg know? One thing for sure….she and I have the same rebbe and he is number one in our hearts…he makes Jews!

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