Back to Iraq? First the draft.

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One of the more loathsome aspects of the last decade has been the number of lapel-flag wearing politicians who had a chance to serve in our nation’s military over a baker’s dozen years of war, yet clearly chose not to.  “My only regret is that I have not worn the uniform of the United States” I recall one smarmy flag-waving politician declaring.  Mitt Romney made similar noises during his campaign about not serving in Vietnam.  The calls for a return to Iraq from our political “leaders” and the pundit class gives us a perfect opportunity to reinstate the draft.  If we decide to return to Iraq and remain in Afghanistan, as attention seeking politicians and pundits declare, then its time to “cowboy up” and state that everybody serves.  No exemptions, no deferments, no Blackwater type mercenaries doing the fighting for us.  Next time you see a “30 or 40 something” politician speak of a military solution to our issues, please remind them that they had their chance, and they shirked their duty, lapel pin notwithstanding. Please forgive me for this tirade- for a decade I have been publicly reading from the pulpit the names of servicewomen and men killed every week in order to honor their sacrifice and memory-and I’m despairing that the names will never end.


One thought on “Back to Iraq? First the draft.

  1. I agree wholeheartedly. There’s a huge romantic gulf between the rhetoric and the facts, and we would all be better served if the people sending others to war had some idea what war actually is.

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