We have our own “NAACP” problem

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Among the many comments made in the wake of the Sterling-Clippers controversy is criticism of the LA branch of the NAACP.  The LA chapter was about to award Donald Sterling with a “Lifetime Achievement Award” when his overt racism became public.  How, it was asked, could the NAACP be so blind as to bestow an award on a man with a known and documented history of racist behavior?   Simple.  He is rich, and he has rich friends.   It is a time-honored practice for non-profit organizations to “honor” wealthy figures in the hopes that their equally wealthy friends will pony up to the table and write big checks.  The Jewish community is masterful at this,  and it is quite common for certain philanthropists to be honored over and over again by different organizations in the hopes that the dollars will flow.  The Jewish community has not been shy about bestowing honors on people of , shall we say, less than “sterling” character (pun intended).  Shady developers, serial adulterers, people who have been implicated in scandal-all have been chosen for honors by the Jewish community.  It is interesting that the rabbis 2000 years ago grappled with the moral issue of accepting money from people who earned it in less than savory ways.  All I am saying, is let us not get too self-righteous over the actions of the NAACP.  We have been guilty of the doing the same thing.


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