When Oligarchs Misbehave

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The kerfuffle over the racist comments made by NBA  owner Donald Sterling (nee Tokowitz) is interesting only in the following sense.  Now that we increasingly live in an oligarchy, where personal wealth means unlimited influence and power over our political system and society-will there be any consequences of real meaning attached to his transgression?  It has now come out that the whole incident came to light as part of the usual oligarchic tussles-the soon to be ex-wife is accusing the girlfriend of embezzling about 1.5 million (chump change!) and the revelation of the recording was some kind of revenge.  Racist rhetoric, polluting our waters and lands, shooting a hunting buddy in the face-nothing really matters if you are part of the oligarchy.  The fact is in our “too big to fail system” it is doubtful that Tokowitz will pay any kind of meaningful and lasting price.


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