It’s not the gun-it’s the control

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I have admitted on this blog that the Boxing Rabbi likes to occasionally go target shooting.  Ever since I was a kid I have enjoyed the shooting sports and I still go to the range every so often.  People have the right to responsibly own and use weapons.

However, the spate of shootings in our country cries out for remedies, and it seems clear to me that there is a clear one.  There has been a dramatic rise in applications for so called “concealed carry” permits.  The number of people who own smaller weapons designed for hidden carry and use has skyrocketed.  In addition, there seems to be a “personal defense” craze in this country.  Turn on the television and witness shows like “Personal Defense TV” and “Tactical Shooting” and you will see earnest hosts trying to convince people that there are threats everywhere, and the only safe response is armed carry and quick shooting.  (by the way, every TV host is identified as a “former special forces operator”, which suggests that the number of special forces soldiers must equal the entire Indian Army).  Every gun range now offers classes such as “Urban Defense” and “Room Clearing for Beginners” often taught by barely qualified instructors.  I once was at a range while some poor souls shelled out hundreds of bucks for so-called instructors to yell out “Threat! Threat!” as they unholstered their weapons and poured fire downrange. 

Is it any surprise that there seems to be a steep rise in middle aged white men  shooting one another (or others) for the crime of wandering in their backyard or playing music too loud?  Everything now is “Threat!” Threat!”    Recently a respected gun writer was terminated from employment from a gun magazine for suggesting that concealed carry permit holders receive mandatory training.

Even the most ardent gun proponents make fun privately of so called “mall ninjas” who wander about with hidden weapons and tactical gear galore, like they are on a special ops rather than buying something at Sunglass Hut. 

Time to require concealed carry holders to get real training in the use of their deadly weapon. 


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