This thing you are doing is not right


It was the most scathing criticism that Moses had received from his inner circle.  After delivering the Jews from Egypt, Jethro, father in law of Moses, upbraids him for his style of leadership.  “This thing you are doing is not right”, Jethro says. (Ex 18:17).  Moses, chastened, changes his ways.

Is there anyone in America that still believes that our elected leaders work on behalf of “the people”?  They work to enrich their friends, their donors and sponsors, and most of all, themselves.  Governor Christie is more obvious about it, but the truth his that his patronage style of politics is endemic both locally and nationally and consumes both parties.  Our national press fawns and flatters, eager for both access and the wealth (and book deals and TV time ) that come with access.  Those who still have a vestige, a smattering of conscience justify their acquiescence in a thoroughly corrupt system by rationalizing that this is the way the game is played, and after all, we have to provide for our families, don’t we? 

Yet because of the partisan tribalism and eagerness for spoil and access that dominates our nation, no one is willing to be a Jethro and simply say, “This thing you are doing is not right”.  



2 thoughts on “This thing you are doing is not right

  1. Once again, knocking conservatives from the pulpit while trying to appear even handed. Seems like you think Governor Christie is “more obvious” about patronage than others. Do you cite him because you prefer not to emphasize such behavior with the liberal Democrats? Let’s see. Our duly elected President funneled hundreds of millions to his Solyndra supporters only to have it go bankrupt. The President’s administration just awarded the contract to repair the website to Accenture, another one of his major contributors. These seem rather obvious to me…how about to you?

    • Steven, based on your comment and another that I received from someone close to me, I am rethinking my approach. I truly wish to not give the appearance of partisanship, but I fear that may be “leaking out” around the edges. Fair enough. Thank you as always.

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