The Boxing Rabbi Talks Boxing

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Did 4 rounds in the ring today-really well.  Must be the post-Rosh Hashanah adrenalin.

Ok-so this weekend is a big fight-Floyd Mayweather against Saul Alvarez.  My prediction-Mayweather will win.  Alvarez is much younger and stronger-but here is why he will lose.  Alvarez is a good fighter, but Mayweather is a genius.  I mean, Muhammad Ali level of genius.  What most people do not understand is that the closest sport to boxing is chess.  The much smarter man will always win.  Ali was a genius.  Sugar Ray Robinson was a genius.  Marciano was almost a genius.  The Klitchko brothers are actual PhD’s.   Mayweather will win because he is a once in a generation genuine genius-level fighter.  My prediction?- Mayweather by decision.


One thought on “The Boxing Rabbi Talks Boxing

  1. Shalom Aleichem,

    Spent with the late Jimmy Carruthers before he went home, he ran a health food shop in Sydney, as well as teach boxing. He placed his 8 mil black & white film onto video of his fights in South Africa, etc… It was his heart to reach those on the streets going astray, taught boxing to reach those the world would brush aside as a waste of time.

    We all matter, then those who are disadvantaged have a role model they called DAD.

    Sar Shalom,

    HRH DR Bishop Chris Kember

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