The Archbishop Strikes Back

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In an unusually vituperative letter that my Archbishop, John Myers, ordered read in his parishes over the weekend, he attacked all those who have accused him of harboring and protecting pedophiles, both in my diocese and in his previous diocese of Peoria.   My favorite part is the conclusion, in which he proclaims his love for his enemies, but he is sure that God will get them in the end.  By the way, in the Hebrew Bible this punishment is known as karet, extirpation at the hands of God. (on a side note, why can’t guys like him be more creative? He attacks the usual suspects-the media, “political correctness”, “anti-Roman Catholics” renegade priests and clergy, and anyone who is to the left of him. Since I can’t seem to find anyone to the right of him, this is a big group.) He also defends the gifts that a certain pedophile priest gave him, saying that they are no different than the other gifts given to Bishops by priests (who knew?) The fact is that his protection of pedophiles has been well documented.
Here is why I am writing about this- The parish priests that it has been my privilege to know, both here and in my previous communities, are some of the most loving, caring, and devoted souls that exist on God’s earth. They are Holy Servants and caring pastors. They comfort, love and teach their parishioners, and at the end of their lives they have amassed neither fortunes nor personal families-all they have are the thousands of souls they have touched. They deserve better. Also- you are the titular Catholic leader of MY community my colleague, so this is personal. And yes, Archbishop Myers, as you say God will probably punish me for my sins-of that I have no doubt-but the sin of silence will not be one of them.


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