The Boxing Rabbi…Boxes

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After classes today I made my way to my favorite gym in the world, The Jerusalem Boxing Club. This club is housed in an old bomb shelter on the edge of the Baka neighborhood.  One hour of exercises followed by 45 minutes of light sparring. I have to confess that one of the reasons I love this gym is that my Hebrew improves dramatically after every visit. No one speaks english in the gym, and nothing concentrates the mind like a shouted command in hebrew with a fist moving swiftly towards your face. The gym is a wonderful mix of young kids, some soldiers, some Palestinian Arabs and a bunch of Russian immigrants. The coach, Gershon, (pictured with me above) was a noted coach in Russia who has trained boxers in Israel for several decades.  I have to say he is the only boxing coach I have ever worked with who wears a yarmulke and drinks tea during the sessions. Happiness, thy name is the Jerusalem Boxing Club.   By the way-in hebrew it is Moadon Eegruf Yerushalayim


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