Is this how we respond to the epidemic of Gun Violence?

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In the wake of the horrific massacre in Newtown, our country for a brief time, reflected on the epidemic of gun violence in America.  All too predictably, our political leaders retreated in the face of overwhelming opposition from gun manufacturers and lobbying groups and failed to pass any national legislation to curb unfettered access to weapons.  Gun regulation, for all intents and purposes is entirely left up to the states and their legislatures.  Like most everything now, there is a pronounced geographic divide.  The Northeast and California have strict gun laws, the West and South make access to guns laughably easy.  Studies have demonstrated clearly that easy access to firearms leads to a direct increase in gun deaths but such statistics are meaningless in our post-rational, post factual world.  For the foreseeable future, our country will be awash in guns.  So, is it any wonder that someone has figured out how to capitalize on parents’  fears of increased shootings in elementary schools?  Simply provide our kids with bulletproof backpacks.  As the saying goes, only in America- and I say that with despair.


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