The Destructive Ones Among Us

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“And verily so it came to pass, as the Nation careened towards a fiscal crisis, that Congress simply packed up and left to go home and fundraise”.-book of our Congress, chapter 11

The last few days demonstrates once again why Congress is held in such contempt by the American people.  Rather than deal with the difficult and knotty problems that continue to plague our country, most members of Congress choose to continue the destructive path of putting their political self-interest above the needs of the American people.  Far-right Republicans in particular would rather obstruct the duly elected President and refuse to negotiate or compromise than attempt to keep the ship of state sailing in a forward course, which would, of course, help the ordinary working people they pretend to represent.

In the Torah portion of this week, Ki Tissa, Moses in his righteous rage smashes the tablets upon gazing at the Golden Calf.  Many of the sages and commentators however do not applaud this, but condemn the great Moses for his actions.  One Hasidic commentator notes that Moses broke the tablets without knowing that God would give him an opportunity to create a second set.  He writes “Unfortunately, the destructive ones among us are willing to smash the first set of tablets without any consideration for the fact that there may not be a second set.  All they are capable of is being destructive.”  Well said, rabbi-welcome to the Congress of the United States.


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