The Boxing Rabbi Shares a Birthday

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The Boxing Rabbi shares a birthday with the Rev. Dr Martin Luther King, Jr.  This fact has shaped my life in many ways.  From a young age, I was fascinated by the life of Dr King, reading books on his life, reading his essays and sermons, and even collecting photographs (I have two hanging in my office).  My visit to the King Center in Atlanta was an unforgettable experience, going alone on a Monday and being the only visitor both at the museum and at the memorial,  was both moving and the foundation of a lasting memory.  To this day, I wear a little pin bought at the Center with Dr King’s portrait on the edge of my tallis when I conduct services.  There is no question that his life and example influenced me to enter the rabbinate.  I encourage you to read the following obituary from the New York Times today.  It is the story of Eugene Patterson, native southerner and editor of the Atlanta Constitution during the tumultuous years of the 60’s.  It is a good reminder that there were good men and women of both races who worked to break the back of segregation in this country.  May the memory of Mr Patterson be for a blessing.


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