You are not a Progressive if…

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I consider myself a religious progressive, in the sense that I believe in the inherent dignity of all human beings, because we are all created in the image of God.  I believe in the vision of our prophets, who demanded justice and righteousness, and called for us to feed the hungry, help the poor, and clothe the naked.  I believe in the vision of the Torah, which calls for a society founded on fairness and equity and mutual aid.

Many others also call themselves progressives.

However you are not a progressive if..

You believe that it is justified for a person to strap bombs on their persons and blow themselves up in supermarkets  because “they are oppressed” and suicide bombs are the “poor man’s nuke”

You believe it is justifiable to lob thousands of missiles at civilian targets because you have grievances

You believe that it is justifiable to hide those missiles amongst schools, hospitals, and mosques, because this is your way of preventing those missile sites from being attacked by the Jews, who unlike you, hold those kind of places inviolate

You quickly gather and protest Israel’s bombing of Gaza missile sites but you were silent these last two years when over 30,000 sunni muslims were tortured, murdered and bombed by their own government in Syria-a massacre that is still continuing today, as you read this

You refuse to acknowledge that if a woman living in Gaza had sex with whomever she chose, against the will of her parents, she would be murdered by her own family.

You refuse to acknowledge that openly gay people in Gaza would be murdered for the crime of being openly gay.

If you do not accept the inherent dignity of every human being, including Jews, to live in peace and security and freedom from fear,  then you are no progressive, and I do not want you in my camp.


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