Today, Sadly, is Not that Day

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The following is a statement from the Reform Movement.  I deeply admire both the sense of firm resolve tinged with  sadness that the statement conveys.  Sometimes deeply moral women and men must stand firm in the face of unrelenting hated.  Centuries ago, a European rabbi declared that peace will come to the Jews when our enemies love their own children more than they hate ours.  May that day come soon.

In response to Israel’s military efforts to stop the barrage of rockets fired from Gaza, and the subsequent escalation in violence, today the arms of the Reform Movement, representing 1.5 million Jews in North America, as well as numerous professional organizations and affiliates, are joining together, calling for spiritual, political, and financial support for Israel.

The Reform Movement has long been an unwavering voice for Israel and today we reaffirm our staunch support for Israel in this moment of crisis. Our Association of Reform Zionists of America (ARZA) has been in touch with the Israel Movement for Progressive Judaism (IMPJ), and today our prayers go out to all those affected by the violence, as we hope for a speedy resolution, and a lasting peace. The entire Reform Jewish Movement is working together to provide support for Israel’s people who find themselves in the line of fire from Gaza rockets, including those in our communities.

We pray that the day will come when our brothers and sisters in Israel can live in peace, without the fear of rockets landing on their homes and schools, and with the prophets’ vision for peace fulfilled. Today, sadly, is not that day.


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