Making War-and Love-in Tampa

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At the beginning of the Afghan War in 2001  I was present in the audience when neo-con Richard Perle boasted of how today’s wars were “clean” because a technician “sitting at a console in Tampa” could order a missile strike on the Taliban from his desk chair without risk to American life and limb.

The idea of a “clean” war was repugnant to me at the time, and of course subsequent events have given a lie to his rosy and highly inaccurate pronouncement-and as we have just  learned our generals are involved in more than just war-making in Tampa.  Apparently cavorting at expensive homes with attractive women is part of the burden of a soldier’s duty in Tampa.

The Petreus scandal highlights one of the more revolting aspects of this war.  We have gone on enjoying our lives while thousands of our fellow citizens are risking and losing limb and life on the battlefield.  Generals eagerly attending “pirate-themed” parties at a comely socialite’s homes in Tampa while their troops are dying in battle?  Really?   How about bringing this decade long war to a close and allowing our brave fighting men and women to come home to their lives.


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