Would the United States tolerate this? Of course not-but we expect the Israelis to tolerate this!

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Imagine if the government, the duly elected government of Mexico were daily firing rockets into Dallas, Texas.  Imagine that these rockets, indiscriminately fired with no regard to civilians, were crashing into schools, homes, factories, and public streets.

Imagine the fear and trauma amongst the Dallas population.  Imagine the calls for protection and retaliation against the elected Mexican government.  What do you think the government of the United States would do?   Ignore it?   Refuse to protect the population of Dallas?

This is exactly what is happening in Israel right now.   For days, rockets have been targeting an area of Israel that is home to about 1 million people, the approximate population of Dallas, Texas.   These rockets are fired by the elected Palestinian government in Gaza.  The world is silent to this horror and continues to castigate Israel, and Israel alone for their “refusal” to make peace.

I have no love for the Netanyahu government, and feel that Bibi has done an exceedingly poor job during his tenure; but no responsible leader could tolerate these attacks on their population.  I hope it does not come to this, but if Israel must retaliate against a hostile and unceasingly warlike neighbor, I stand with Israel.


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