One lesson from Sandy: You may lose electricity; but you never lose power

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This has been, and continues to be, a hard week for so many.  As the cold settles in, the lack of electricity and heat is making life increasingly uncomfortable.  As one who has experienced significant power loss twice in the past year, I can attest to how the cold and dark begin to numb the mind and weary the spirit.

But if there is a lesson in this-it is that while we might lose electricity, we never lose power.  The power to love one another, the power to hope the power to help.  I have personally witnessed great acts of generosity and kindness, often bestowed by people who themselves were suffering.  I have seen people express genuine gratitude and thanks for even the slightest courtesy extended towards them.  In a few days, things will be back to “normal” for most.  I am afraid that we will soon be once again enmeshed in the frenzy of our lives, and forget that goodness and generosity of spirit are the greatest “energy sources” of all.


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