Why we need one another-and why we need effective government

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First of all- most importantly- this:

The Temple will be open Tuesday, October 30 from 1 until 5 pm for those in need of warmth and to be able to plug in your electronic devices.  Enter the building through the wooden doors on East Broad Street. 
For everyone’s safety, due to a fallen tree in the parking lot you will need to park on the side streets.
Second- this storm should remind us that we are deeply in need of one another.  If something good comes out of this tragic and difficult event, it will be the dramatic reminder  that effective  government, properly and honestly led, is necessary in order for us to live safe and happy and secure lives.   The trend in recent years to demonize government, to cut essential services, and to deny to the weak and helpless aid and succor should be roundly and thoroughly discredited in the face of catastrophe such as this.  The ancient  rabbinic dictum that “kol Yisrael arevyvim zeh le zeh”-we are all responsible for one another, should become the watchword of our society.  Enough with the “everyone tends their own garden”.  Enough with the Ayn Rand.  Enough with the social darwinism redux.  There are no republicans and democrats in the rubble.  There are only people, in need.

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