The Lord doth work in mysterious ways-

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It was only a week ago that we read these words in the synagogue:

11 Unhappy, storm-tossed one, uncomforted! I will lay carbuncles as your building stones And make your foundations of sapphires. 12 I will make your battlements of rubies, Your gates of precious stones, The whole encircling wall of gems. 13 And all your children shall be disciples of the Lord, And great shall be the happiness of your children; 14 You shall be established through righteousness. You shall be safe from oppression, And shall have no fear; From ruin, and it shall not come near you. 15 Surely no harm can be done Without My consent: Whoever would harm you Shall fall because of you. 16 It is I who created the smith To fan the charcoal fire And produce the tools for his work; So it is I who create The instruments of havoc. 17 No weapon formed against you Shall succeed, And every tongue that contends with you at law You shall defeat. Such is the lot of the servants of the Lord, Such their triumph through Me — declares the Lord.

The boxingrabbi prays for the safety of all who are in the path of Sandy.


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