Long Past Time for the World to Condemn This-Long, Long Past Time

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I’ve been to Sderot; the town in Southwest Israel that has endured years of rocket bombardment from the Hamas government in the Gaza Strip.  I’ve visited with the family of a young girl killed by a falling rocket as she pushed her little brother to safety.

Yesterday, 70 rockets fired by Hamas in the Gaza strip fell into Israel.  The world continues to condemn Israel for trying to isolate the terrorists who control Gaza and who fire these rockets at civilian targets.  Yesterday was a reminder of the constant threat that Israeli civilians live under.   Here is the statement by the Reform Movement on yesterday’s attacks:

“On behalf of the Reform Jewish Movement throughout North America, we are outraged by the ongoing rocket attacks from Gaza into Israel and are gravely concerned for the lives and well-being of the affected Israeli communities. Already, there have been injuries reported and the broader disruption to the everyday routines of Israelis is unacceptable and heartbreaking.

The rockets serve no purpose other than to kill and terrorize innocent Israelis and the ongoing effort to target them must not continue. We call on the international community to immediately step up pressure on Hamas to ensure the cessation of these horrific acts.”


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