The Way it Should Be


Sparred a few rounds today with a youngish kid.  Did Ok-not great.   Got rocked once or twice.  But the significant thing is what happened after.  We were taking off our gloves and I said….

Me- “So what’s your name?’

Him- “Farhad”

Me-(pronouncing it correctly) “Farhad”?

Him- “Yeah-Most people can’t say it, so they call me Frankie.  You actually can say it right.”

Me- “Muslim?”

Him- (wary, now) “Yeah, from Tajikistan”

Me- (putting out my hand) “I’m Jewish  The only place we Jews and Muslims should fight is in the ring.  And then we should shake”.

Him- (to my surprise, grabbing my hand warmly and not letting go) “You are right”!

It’s not worthy of the Nobel Peace Prize-but even with my cut lip, I was pretty happy.


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